chained and fucked

I've got a hard-on for CJ Madison. He's everything I look for in a man - handsome, strong, masculine, well-stacked, hairy, sporting daddy attitude, and well hung. I can think of nothing that I'd rather be doing right now than to slip into Mitch Vaughn's boots in this dungeon scene from Bound Gods.

Madison has Vaughn chained to the wall and he's putting the squeeze on him. "I'm a top, untie me," Vaughn grunts. Madison tells this muscle hunk that the only top in the room right now is him. And then this dark-haired daddy goes about torturing Vaughn with all manner of equipment. I particularly liked seeing this muscle hunk chained and strapped to a metal bed frame. And i really enjoyed watching this pretty boy flinching as Madison juiced him with electricity.

Madison has Vaughn secured to the bed and he starts fucking him. He taunts him by saying, "How much of a top are you now?" and he rams his big cock in good and hard. But Vaughn gets the last laugh. He manages to overpower Madison in a headlock, and then this beefy daddy finds himself in chains and getting his own ass plundered. I liked that a lot. If you can't take it, you'd better not dish it out.

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