Daddy Fucks Hot Ass

Talk about a contrast in ages! In this new Daddy Mugs shoot, Daddy is 45 as most of us know but his playmate, Blake Hunter, is 19! As usual, Daddy wanted some ass and he got what he wanted. As he always does. Blake loves older men and got right off on Mugs' natural dominant demeanour and hunger for tight ass. Blake finds himself unable to resist Daddy's cock so he sets about doing a nice dick swallowing act on it. Mugs approves. So much so that he gives Blake's tasty schlong some good experienced oral action right back. Blake is a kinky fucker and loves slings. So he climbs aboard one for a while and spreads his waiting hole to be filled. Daddy likes it doggy fashion too though so he bends Blake over and proceeds to give the insatiable boy what he really showed up for - a deep, hard ass pounding with a thick piece of man meat.

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