Daddies In Underwear

It doesn't take a huge leap of the imagination to figure out what Daddies In Underwear is going to show us. Yup, it's time to put your paws up and relax for a while with some hot bears and men in their prime in their undies. And out of them, actually. And those undies need not always be dry; sometimes they are wet and furry, yum. And those daddies need not always be bears, either, with older hunks, and twenty-something fur balls all mixed in together at an image blog that loads up your screen with image after image of hot male.

Expect to see bulges in briefs, stiffies in shorts, and jerking in jocks at this regularly updated blog. In fact, it's a very hairy and eclectic place. For example, on the first scroll through, I found not only bears in briefs to ogle at but also comic strips (what really is the sexual relationship between Batman and Robin?), I saw men in suits with their manly cocks poking out, and I saw hardcore bears, home-shot pics, studio produced porn images and cowboys. OK, so the blog does sometimes stray from the path it has set itself on, but that's ok. As long as you're up for some older guys, bears, underwear shots and nudity combined with anything hairy and sexy, then this is a place you are going to love hanging out at.

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