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Bound Gods comes through once again with a kinky and provocative BDSM scene. The Reynolds family is enjoying a quiet Sunday together; but when Mrs. Reynolds gets a call that her mother has taken sick, she packs her bag and heads out.

Mr. Nick Reynolds, played by the hunky and handsome Nick Moretti, smokes his pipe and relaxes in his favorite chair. When the guy who plays his son, Colton Reynolds, walks through the living room and accidentally drops a bondage book on the floor, he gets his father's attention. Nick knows the ways of BDSM and he doesn't want his son to follow down the same dirty and twisted path. So Nick orders his "son" to drop his trousers, then Nick grabs his son, throws him over his knee, and spanks his ass bare handed.

Not sure that his son has learned his lesson, Dad stuffs a bridle in his son's mouth and starts working him over with a riding crop. But all this does is stiffen his son's cock. Infuriated that his punishment is having the wrong effect, Dad strings up his son with some creative rope bondage and whips his son's ass with the riding crop. But Colton's cock just gets even bigger and harder.

Nick decides to teach his son just how depraved this BDSM stuff can get. He fucks his son's hairy ass and then plasters his load all over his son's face. Colton has definitely learned a lesson, but I'm not sure it's the one Dad intended. Head over to Bound Gods and check out the free video preview.

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