As the Iron Curtain came down in the early 90's, so did all the barriers that came with communism. This includes male modeling, bodybuilding, and getting to see some of the hottest men in the world. Czech Young Muscle takes us on a trip through the realms of amateur and professional muscle men from the Czech Republic and surrounding areas. Lean, tanned, sinewy beefcake jumps out at us as the hunks pose, flex or strain in mid-workout. The collection of men seems to be never-ending, and each has a preview video for you to ogle at and admire. The main menu runs at the top of this very well laid out site, and from "Samples" you can see great examples of the photographer's skills and some fine looking specimens of men in images as well. When it comes to muscle, there are very few sites which have such versatility as far as amateur and pro is concerned.

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