CIRCLE JERK BOYS always seem to find the cutest straight boys for us gay guys to oggle over. James here may be straight, but he doesn't care one bit who checks him out as he rolls all over the place showing off his luscious ass, body and cock. Yes indeed, he is a serious cock-tease this young lad is. And don't we love it! I know one thing for sure. Give me one night with this boy and he'd be gay all the way! The things I'd do to his sweet behind and uncut prick, James would never look back. Let's take a look and you'll see for yourself this dude is looking for some REAL lovin'!


Wouldn't you love to be that carpet? Getting James' cock all mushed into your face? Mmmm. Show this youngster what an experienced cocksucker can do. After he starts humping your face with anticipation, slowly slip a finger into his tight virgin ass and watch him squirm like a snake. In no time at all he should be yours.


Oh yes James, show us that young healthy cock. Like I said, James LOVES to show off for us. He adores teasing us and likes to think he's untouchable. Yeah right. He'll find out one unsuspecting day. When the right lips are wrapped around that sweet pole, his life will change dramatically. No doubt about it.


Judging by the condition James' cock is in and how relaxed he is, I doubt he would protest your tongue running along his length. In fact, I'd put money down that James would be fucking your face like a mad man. Then he'd really know the true power of man-to-man sex. If James has stirred up your loins, head on over to CIRCLE JERK BOYS and see what he gets up to. He loves it!

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