Cute Twink In Debt Gets Fucked For Cash Cute Twink In Debt Gets Fucked For Cash

The Debt Dandy visits young guys in Prague who are having money issues and, depending on how much they owe, and how good-looking they are, he will offer them cash in return for some rather unorthodox repayment options - yes, he gets them to suck him off; he gets them to bend over while he fucks their tight little butt holes; and depending on how much money they need, they sometimes get to do other depraved things too.

In this week's episode a really cute young twink opens the door with a rather surprised look on his face - he wasn't expecting a camera to be filming everything! The Debit Dandy cameraman was shown in, and the place was an absolute mess - dirty, smelling of stale cigarettes, stuff everywhere - he almost felt like leaving. But he's a horny guy, and the twink was so cute and innocent looking, he decided to see how much money he needed to get out of his financial woes. They summed up his debts and wow - this guy owed heaps! Naturally this is good news for the Debt Dandy, as he can now get this little hottie to do even more naughty stuff for him! It wasn't long before the kid agreed to show off his cock; then he stripped naked and got down on his knees and rimmed the cameraman's hole, licked his balls and sucked his fat uncut cock; apparently his tongue was amazingly soft and he had great technique - in fact, he sucked almost perfectly, not bad for a straight lad! Soon tho, our cameraman wanted his dick in this cute twink's arse - so he got him on his back, legs tucked up tight against his chest, arsehole gaping open, ready for a bareback penis invasion! The look on the kid's face while being banged is almost priceless (you can watch the video to see what his price really was!) and it all finished with a nice cum facial!

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