Ever since cute jock Reese appeared on Randy Blue a while ago, the fan club has been clamouring for more. This week Randy Blue gave us another peek at Reese and we're so overdue for a look at this cute jock fucking some ass. This boy was built to fuck. He's got a tight, powerhouse body. He's muscular, but there's a thickness to him. And when he fucks, he uses everything he's got. In the latest Randy Blue update, Reese is teamed up with blonde-haired Adam. Beautiful with a lean muscular build and a sexy, fuzzy stomach. When these two meet it's kind of like boy next door meets bad boy down the street. The shoot starts out with the two boys exploring each others bodies and then before you know it the fucking begins. Reese gives this guy a really hard pounding and Adam loves it! Reese fucks Adam over the edge of the couch, on the bed, and over the side of the bed. These two fuck everywhere. Adam even gets on the bed and hoist his legs over his head so his ass is resting and ready on the foot board; Reese stands on the footboard and lower his cock into Adam's hungry fuck hole. This was a hot, fucking shoot, and I'd be willing to bet these two went home together for another round after the cameras stopped rolling.

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