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Simon is a 21-year-old guy who first appeared on Corbin Fisher back in January. He's a super cute guy who still hasn't grown out of his boyish looks. Even when he doesn't shave for a whole week, his face is covered with patchy fuzz, not scruff. His chest his smooth, his eyes are sexy, and his lips are so kissable. It took Simon four months before he finally fucked a guy for the first time; and then, another two before he got dicked himself. Back in September Simon tag teamed Trent with his brother Elijah, and now, this week, Simon has Trent's ass all to himself. Trent has pretty much become the designated bottom on Corbin Fisher. How does one go about getting that job? I mean couldn't you stand getting dicked by all those gorgeous college guys? And the thoughts of breaking in all those straight guys, showing them how hot a guy's mouth and ass feels ... that just makes my balls start churning up a big load. After Simon and Trent posed for these glamour shots, the guys head into the shower where Trent gets his ass plowed good. Head over to Corbin Fisher and check out the free previews.

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