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David Duke is almost completely straight. I say "almost" because UK Naked Men managed to convince this cute guy to do more than take his clothes off. David starred in a UK Naked Men video called Bunk Buddies, and it featured sexy blond hunk Mike Douglas; together, the two studs played a couple of fighter pilots. They find themselves alone in the bunk house while the rest of the platoon is out on manoeuvres. They guys are each lying on their own bunk with their hands down their pants; eventually the dicks come out and these two air men face one another and jerk off together. (You can see more of this session here at Gay Demon; I blogged about it in Military Guys Jerking Off.)

And it is quite the cock. In this photo session, we get a better look at it. David slides his tight Aussie Bum briefs slowly down his hips. He reveals a fat shaft, teasing us by hesitating before finally releasing his fat dick. His cock is built like a construction pylon: almost twice as fat as the base. His dick tapers to a delicious cock head that would fit perfectly into any hungry mouth. And he's got a tight pair of shaved nuts.

But there's a lot more to see where David is concerned. He's got a tight and well-defined body. He's moderately hairy; he's got a tight bubble butt; and very hairy legs. Head over to UK Naked Men and watch this cute stud in action.

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