Cory from Varsity Men is smooth and sexy. He's got great shoulder muscles, no body hair and that face! Cory's lips are full and pouty and his eyes - oh, those bedroom eyes of his! They're intense and dark and seem like they're offering a challenge. And in case he wasn't already hot enough, Cory is wearing nothing but his underwear. His package is encased in his tight, white briefs that emphasize the warmth of his skin and the shape of his balls. When I saw this pic, I couldn't wait to see more of Cory!

Oh, man! When it comes to eye contact, Cory makes me squirm in my seat. And I must admit that I'd just love to suck and chew on that full, rounded lower lip of his.


Cory is the kind of guy I'd love to find waiting for me while lying in a bed on crisp white sheets. And still in his underwear so I can take my time sliding it off of him, like unwrapping a present.


And after all the teasing and foreplay, Cory finally pulls out his cock and I must say that it's worth the wait. It's straight and long and hard and looks like it's a lot more than a mouthful!


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