18 year old Vojtech is cute, blond and twinky, and he's had a little experience in front of a camera, since he did a solo shoot for

RealBoys4U. He thought jacking off on camera was hot, and couldn't wait to do a scene with another guy. The RealBoys4U staff was more than willing to accomodate him, and introduced him to Martin. Martin was another of their solo models he was horny and had some time to spare, and the two guys hit it off (as you can see above).

Vojtech was horny, too, and he just couldn't wait to get things started. He had his hand down Martin's pants almost as soon as the cameras were on, and discovered that Martin was already hard.


Turnabout is fair play, and Martin pulled Vojtech's pants down so he could his hands - and lips - wrapped around his pole. Then Martin went to work, sucking on that hard twink cock for the cameras.


At this point both boys were so horny that they couldn't wait - Vojtech slid his uncut cock into Martin's tight ass and took him for a real ride. It's easy to see that both these horny euro twinks had a great time in their first fuck on camera!


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