I don't know about you, but let's have a moment of honesty here. I am fairly certain that at some time in one's checkered past, they went out and found a really sexy stud, one that just made their jaw drop open with desire. Only problem was, the guy was available but for a price.

In short I don't think there are too many guys who haven't paid for a romp with a sex worker, a hustler. I know I had a few back in my youth. I mean come on, I don't look like Brad Pitt, never did, never will, and well a guy gets horny and needs someone else to stroke the tool. I mean the hand is nice, but not the same as some stud's hot lips, or tight butt, now is it?

And yet while Hookers, Hustlers, whatever you want to call them, have existed for as long as mankind has. Heck, even in Ancient Times, they were noted, and in some cultures believed to be necessary, even vital to the society. Like in Ancient Asia, where in one city, the mayor told his citizens to treat the foreigners with respect, but not to divulge the sweet treats of the young boys.

Yet the Sex Trade sure gets a bad rap today. And I wonder, is it because money exchanges hands, or is it because organized crime appears to control it?

Yet what really is the difference between hiring someone to come clean up your home, make your bed, do your laundry, than to hire someone to help relief some physical tension? I mean you can go to a steam bath, get your body rubbed, pounded, and all that for a fee. So okay, they don't jerk you off, or have sex with you, but they provide a service, to relax your body. It is about physical contact.

Someone sells their ability to advise you on how to spend your money, it is a service. They charge to clean your place, again a service. So a guy comes to satisfy your need to get off, isn't that also a service?

Then what about the Porn Stars? How come they aren't classed as Hustlers? I mean they get paid to uh, what? Clean the studio? I don't think so, they are paid to have sex and in a lot of cases, the other person is the camera dude, or site owner. Not that I agree with that, but how is that any different than paying for a hustler?

You get off by someone else, who you pay money to, for that purpose. Isn't that what you pay a Hustler for? There is one other difference, you are hoping to sell that collection of photos or video to others. Now I don't know, isn't that akin to pimping?

And don't get me started on the cost of having a wife either. I mean come on, if you have a boyfriend, wife, they cost a darn sight more than a romp in the hay with a hustler. You have to pay for the roof over their head, their clothes and food, and naturally all the toys they want. So like, your reward is what? Free Sex?

Doesn't seem free to me, in fact seems rather more expensive than if you had a hustler in once a week.

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