Cute Brit Calvin Kleins

Justin Harris is a cute Brit who is putting his Calvin Kleins to good use. No point in showing everything right away. When you've got a juicy, thick cock like Justin has, you might as well tease us. Over at UK Naked Men, Justin wraps up his big cock in his Calvins and pulls them down, seductively exposing his pubes. Justin has a nice little treasure trail crawling up toward his belly button, and he's got another sparse smattering of fur across his chest. But it's those cock sucking lips that really get me. I love kissing, so I'm immediately turned on by any guy with a plump pair of kissers. And Justin has beautiful lips. I don't know what I like better: the though of kissing him deeply and passionately, or watching those lips sliding up and down my cock? Why do I have to choose? I can have both, can't I? This cute Brit eventually hauls out his thick cock and plays with his balls. And then, he ends up in the shower and jacks his dick some more. You'll want to head over there and create some hot memories of your own!

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