Cute Beauts

Cute Beauts is a "young" blog in terms of years and I suspect the author fits this category as well. But he has remarkably good taste in his choices of models to ogle and he very much takes advantage of the resources at hand in posting the super quality photographs he finds. Typically, his subjects are very easy on the eyes, if not exceptionally so. In fact, there's sexiness aplenty in this somewhat twink-ish blog, favoring the clean young meat who are obviously as horny as it gets. He dabbles in muscle guys and has a definite interest in dominant relationships, judging by his links and just a few samples inside the blog, so I have to suspect he plays a bit in that fantasy. It's made for a guy whose supple and lean subjects, with their sexy styles hair and gorgeous clothing - and lack thereof - indicate a very stylish and extremely sexy sense. Anyway, however it plays out in the future, there is no doubting this is a gorgeous blog well worth looking through. There's an awful lot to admire and get a good load of with what this young man is looking for in the care and attention to his very handsome subjects. I got sucked into a nice fantasy with a rather transparent set of assumptions about this guy, which may or may not be the subtle but affective intent.

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