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Back in high school, which was only a couple of years ago, Brady was a football jock. We all remember those guys and some of us even got tormented by them, maybe taunting remarks or maybe a slushee in the face à la Glee. But Brady wasn't one of those kinds of athletic guys. He still has a killer body and a handsome face complete with a couple of day's of scruff. And I'm betting he got lots of stares in the locker room when he shed his clothes and let his cock swing free. It's a little on the long side and he's packing a healthy set of balls.

Brady works out five days a week. His torso is ripped, his pecs are thick and solid, and he's got strong arms. He still plays football to keep in shape. And I guess all the running around the field keeps that hot bubble butt in top form. His hairy ass crack is a bit turn-on.

He hasn't jacked off for nearly a week, so he's primed and ready for his first Corbin Fisher jerk-off video. He lubes up his dick and strokes it slowly. Beating off with one hand, he rubs his abs and pecs with the other. He moans a couple of times before shooting a big load all over the treasure trail rising towards his belly button. I can't wait to see this cute athletic guy getting his dick serviced by one of the other Corbin Fisher alumni.

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