Cute Amateur Burt

One smile from 28 year old Gemini Men hottie Burt and your day should brighten right up. He stripped his shirt off as it was way too hot this day otherwise and got all soapy while washing his car. All the while that adorable grin adorned across his handsome face. Then it was time to get home and take off even more clothes. As you can see, Burt has a wonderfully lean and sexy physique. All tanned and bronzed up from the summer sun too. And if you love tan lines as much as I do, his paler crotch should you give quite the buzz. Burt doesn't waste much time getting completely nude once inside, and had a great time showing off his ultra sexy ass and cock. Nice and thick, his is the kind of dick any one of us would surely love to get to know more intimately. With our hands, mouth, butt, whatever turns us on!

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