Perfect Guyz manages to find some of the cutest guys. Like blonde-haired Peyton here. He's the quintessential all-American boy. He's just so cute that you want to eat him up like a box of chocolates. Perfect Guys says that Peyton has always been interested in appearing nude on camera, but he just never found the opportunity to explore his curiosity. Perfect Guyz gave him that opportunity. At 5' 7" and 157 pounds, Peyton has it all: sizzling good looks, a beautiful natural, smooth build, superb athletic ability, and he's sexy. Big cock, low hanging balls, and hot bubble butt aside, his best feature by far is his strikingly handsome face - strikingly beautiful blue eyes and a friendly smile. He has the plumpest, roundest, ass, and a cock sucker's delight at 8 inches cock. And the boy's got a healthy set of low hangers swinging between those legs of his. And his strong erection stands at a 90-degree angle to his taught body. You're going to enjoy watching this jock do his thing.

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