I love curved cocks. They just seem to have so much more character. Some curve to the left, some to the right, and some curve downwards. Like hairy older man Michael Scott here, he's got a slight left-curve. It's not too severe I've certainly seen a lot worse. But still it is a beautiful cock. I remember once I was playing with this cute Iranian guy and he had a wicked downward curve to his cock. It was difficult to suck and I wondered how the hell I was going to get that thing up my ass. It didn't help that it was kind of big. Missionary position was definitely out because his cock kept missing my hole and hitting the bed. I couldn't sit on it either because I couldn't get my body contorted in an angle to get it in. I tried backing on it while he laid on the bed, and that was difficult too. We did finally manage to get it in, but man, it was quite the experience. That curved cock was hitting places inside of me that a normal cock doesn't. And that's one of the hot things about fucking a cock like Michael Scott's -- those curved cocks discovered uncharted and sensitive areas deep inside your ass. Check out Michael Scott's hot hairy body and wicked curved cock at Hot Older Male.

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