Caleb here contacted DIRTY TONY and said he would do anything to get into the gay porn industry. He claims his homosexual fantasies have become very strong and wanted to show himself off to us. he is. This is one cute young guy. Equipped with a nice long, succulent dick, it's no wonder Dirty Tony didn't hesitate to get Caleb naked and baring himself to the world. We've got a few shots from Caleb's first and ever photoshoot. We all pray that it won't be his last.


Pretty nice huh? Big, thick prick. Sweet long and lean body. And a look in his eyes like he's up for anything. Yeah, I love these recently converted straight boys like Caleb. They're so blown away when you get your experienced mouth around their cock. They simply can't believe it can feel so good.


Gee, I wonder what he'd let you to his bum. I'm willing to bet a lot of things. And there are a lot of things I'd like to do! Perhaps pry apart his adorable buttocks and start chowing down. Followed by a long session of anal exploration. Yeah, he'd be mine in no time this boy.


I had to include another sweet butt shot of Caleb. I mean, look at that backside! Yep, DIRTY TONY supply some excellent solo scene scenarios for us all. All are amateurs and all are willing. What more could you ask for? Check out Dirty Tony and see what kind of dirty boys he's got for us all. Just like Curious Caleb.

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