hunky muscle guy shoots cum load on window

The producer of Man Avenue is all about finding hot hunks in the cityscape and coaxing them into his studio. On this particular afternoon he's sitting in his car looking at Anthony Barrera, who is just hanging around enjoying the sun and checking out the passersby. Anthony approaches the car and the producer convinces him to get in.

The producer tells this Latin hunk that he'd like to photograph his muscular naked body, Anthony suggests that he might even jack off. So they head back to the producer's house and get into a sexy photo shoot.

Once the photographer gets all the shots he wants, Anthony stands in the window stroking is hard boner. The producer heads outside to see if he can make these shots work, too. Glass and sunlight are tricky in photos, but he thinks he's getting some good pictures. Then suddenly, this Latin hunk sprays his cum load all over the glass door and the photographer is clicking like mad. Anthony's not content to leave his load on the glass, so he smears his jizz all over the door with his still-hard cock.

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