Cum and Get It

We've been writing about cum for ages, including things like the face of cum and even funky spunk. But now, the UK's FS Magazine is tackling the sticky subject with a new article by writer Liam Murphy. The health and lifestyle magazine from the Gay Men's Health Charity, which has previously explored the hot-button topics of anal sex and gay bathhouses, asks in the latest issue, "Do you spurn the sperm or have a soft spot for semen?"

In the intro to the piece, Murphy points out that jizz is "an inevitable and unavoidable, and often welcome, consequence of sex." But not all guys embrace the seed that is a by-product of getting off. Some love it and some...well, not so much. One 24-year-old subject talks about enjoying "the feel of it and the feeling of it being rubbed over my body. The more there is, the better." Another man says that at the end of a long, hard session of oral sex, cum is "like the end goal and is the reward for a job well done." But a less enthusiastic respondent says, "My main problem with spunk is the texture. It just feels slimy and wrong." And 26-year-old Alan shares, "It makes me feel physically sick. I can deep throat a cock with no trouble but when it comes to spunk, that really makes me gag."

The informative story also delves into the many aspects of cum play--including the ever-popular facial, swallowing and felching--and the health risks involved for the possible transmission of HIV, STIs and hepatitis. There's also the hazard of splooge in the stings! The opposing problems of premature ejaculation and the struggle to shoot are also addressed. And there are even some helpful hints: If you enjoy swallowing, avoid brushing your teeth at least one hour before sex. This reduces the risk of HIV getting into your bloodstream through your gums.

So which side are you on? Do you love the gooey stuff or avoid it at all costs? Please share your thoughts below! And to read the full article, click here.

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