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Tommy Finch is featured in his third-ever episode for You Love Jack, and his presence is most welcome. This lean stud has a very impressive cock which loves attention. In this scene, Tommy gets naked and begins jacking off for us. His cock changes from semi-erect to this miracle of hardness in nothing flat and we watch, entranced, as he beats it off for our pleasure and what we sure recognize as his own pleasure, too. There's a bit of exhibitionism in our Tommy Finch, for sure. He loves this sort of thing, it is obvious, even grabbing the camera as he wanks it, giving a closer view, matching his own hot passion about his efforts. Closing his eyes, leaning his head back, Tommy beats it harder until he gets next to where he is going. We watch as the cum literally explodes out of that enormous tool, splashing down all over the entire front of his handsome body, making a nice mess, dripping and gooey and cum-splashed. Tommy is pretty fucking hot!

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