Culture Queens is also self-titles as: "A gay guy's guide to art and culture, entertainment, celebrities, fashion, photography,style and travel." In other words, this ambitious blog features pretty much everything this guy likes. Well, we are glad.

This is truly an impressive blog and for a variety of reasons. He has a complex site - while the blog entries themselves are informative, lush and sometimes incredibly erotic in a soft core sort of way, there is a lot going on elsewhere in the other columns. You get the impression he is something of a scientist/artist in his research which has so paid off in making his blog a tantalizing place. He lists the CD's he's listening to in a separate column, the books he is reading, above that, hot magazines he either advertises or just is excited about and a trunk full of media - even videos - that complicate the site but in what is actually an organic sort of way. His complexity would seem to mirror his personality, in short. Informative to the max, this is a stop that could acquaint one with the latest trends and people as well as give a chance to brush up on some current entertainment events. His blog posts themselves are not long but they do link to such things as related "trailers" for the movie set or features written elsewhere which allow the reader for flesh out more of the featured artist's story. Dance, theater, music, art - he is right. This is his blog about the aforementioned subjects, by all means. His quantity is one advantage as is his quality. I enjoy this blog no end. One could stay here a while.

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