The Miami Boyz crew were walking down the street one day when they spotted 18 year old Moises and told him about their website and that he'd be perfect for it. Well, Moises wasn't sure at first - he told them very strongly that he was 100% straight and would absolutely not do anything with another guy. They reassured him that no one would touch him, and also let him know that they paid in cash. Not sure if it was the reassurance or the money, but Moises decided to go for it.

As you can see, Moises was a little shy starting out. He kept his eye on the photographer, but as things got rolling, Moises began to get into it. When they asked him to grab his dick, he didn't hesitate.


Ah, there's something about a straight latino ass! Moises' butt is round but also firm - the kind you'd love to grab with both hands. Or even better, to gently pull apart those cheeks and insert your tongue between.


And here's 18 year old Moises completely naked. His eyes seem to be staring into yours, his cock is fully hard and he looks like he can't wait to get himself off for the camera!


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