Francisco is the latest discovery by the guys from Miami Boyz. They saw him working without his shirt on and instantly offered him money to do a shoot. Francisco turned out to be a straight 18 year old cuban boy who says he never thought of doing porn - but he's obviously got the stuff for it with that thick 8 incher of his. Francisco says into the normal stuff like basketball and fucking his girlfriend. In fact Francisco really liked talking about his sex life - he told the crew from Miami Boyz that the last time he did his girl, he fucked her in the ass doggie-style. Of course, he told them this while he was taking off his clothes...

As you can see, Francisco is lean but muscular and talking about his sex life made him horny - he had a huge boner even before he had pulled his dick out of his pants to show off.


And how about that sweet latino ass of his! Something I love about amateurs is that - unlike porn dudes - they don't shave their asses. They leave those cheeks natural with a little hair.


Man, when Francisco pulled that thing out of his pants, it looked like a fucking baseball bat. The Miami Boyz guys say that's when they knew they had a winner... I'd love to see Francisco's cock up close and personal!


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