Kevin Crows

Mitch Vaughn

Kevin Crows fucking Mitch Vaughn

Gay porn's favorite reality series is back. Episode 4 of Dominic Ford's So You Think You Can Fuck has the horny contestants competing for 500 extra points in a down-and-dirty stripping contest. Despite having good looks and hot bods, let's just say that these dudes ain't exactly got moves like Jagger. In fact, they're about as sexy as Nancy Grace on Dancing With the Stars. But we digress: The pale-faced star of last week's episode, Rick MCoy, takes the prize, but unfortunately we don't get to see him have sex again. That honor goes to Kevin Crows and Mitch Vaughn (who won last week's pitchman competition). These two studs don't waste any time on the setup. They just dive right in with some poolside sucking, which leads to some indoors fucking (though the design-conscious judging panel later deemed the bedroom to be a bit too grannyish!). And speaking of the four judges, they seemed to appreciate that both models have "great dicks" and delivered multiple pop shots (four...combined), but they were troubled by the lack of kissing and wondered whether the roles of top/bottom should have been reversed. Oh, and they also enjoyed Mitch's pierced taint. But as the finale approaches, is that enough to help him nab the title of America's favorite porn star?! Keep watching!

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