So who decides when Porn crosses the line?

I mean think about it, about how Congress or Parliament keep trying to put limits on what is, what isn't acceptable by some standard, but just what is that standard?

Like for example, piss.

Most people, if you ask them, will tell you they object to piss or watersports per se, and don't really like the idea at all, but does that make it unacceptable? Should it even be a consideration, because are they telling the truth?

See, I get confused as to what really is crossing the line, to what should be left up to the people. This isn't about arbitrary age limits, but about what consenting adults do, in their own private space.

If a guy likes to be pissed on, who are we to say that is dirty, that is wrong? Who is Parliament or Congress to say so? Sure, they have the right to protect society, but who are they protecting them from? I mean come on here, Gays were considered as evil, sick mental cases only forty years ago. In some places they still are.

Masturbation was considered a sickness a hundred or so years ago, and now is considered a great natural way to end a person's feelings of depression, so who are 'they' to tell us what crosses the line of morality and what doesn't.

There is a lot of talk about 'community standards' but I wonder, who is this community. For example, the vast majority of people say they don't watch porn, or view that type of behavior, because well, sex is private. They say it is dirty. Now then can someone explain how come porn is a multibillion dollar industry?

Are they saying that only a few super rich folks watch porn, and a lot of porn, which would explain the amount of money being spent on it but come on, we all know that is bull. No way are the vast majority not watching. They are, but who is going to admit to it in public?

Just like how can these same people say that kids don't have sex, but then the average age for a kid having a first time sexual experience is thirteen for a girl, fourteen for a boy. I mean if all those studies show kids aren't having sex, how come the AVERAGE AGE is so low?

I mean if two people go into the bathroom, and one pisses on the other, who does it harm? If two people go into a bedroom and one ties up the other, and paddles their ass, who are they hurting but themselves? So how come the Congress or Parliament, who represents us, keeps telling us that this stuff is sick, is wrong?

Maybe we are electing the wrong people, or maybe they just weren't properly toilet trained as kids, but you know, porn doesn't really cross the line that much. If it was, there wouldn't be anyone buying it, and if no one buys, no one will make it. So obviously there are enough people who buy it, to warrant its production.

Problem is, no one wants to admit to it. I wonder why?

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