Cristo and Arno Have Some Seriously Hot Piss Sex Cristo and Arno Have Some Seriously Hot Piss Sex

Cristo and Arno have met up in a Berlin hotel for a sex session together, and it is all captured on film by the Wurst Film Club crew. Arno shows off his amazing butt by doing a little butt dance and strip-tease on a couch. Cristo is majorly turned on by it and moves in to get a feel and taste of what is hidden beneath those tight shorts.

Cristo peels them back and pulls the underwear to the side of Arno's butt crack and rubs his fingers up and down - then inserts his thumb right into Arno's arsehole. He rams it in and out a few times, then moves his face down and licks up and down the arse crack, rimming the hole as he passes his tongue over it. Then Cristo stands up and pulls his hard uncut cock out of his own shorts and starts pissing onto Arno's back and butt - then he bends down and laps and licks the wet butt crack again! His bearded face rubs from side-to-side as he rims Arno's wet hole and it is obvious how much the bottom loves all this anal stimulation.

Then Arno turns his attention to Cristo's cock - he gets down on his knees and starts to suck on that fat dick - and amazingly Cristo starts pissing some more - which Arno laps up like the good bottom lad that he is! Cristo then gets into position and moves his raw cock into position and starts to fuck Arno's waiting hole - bareback!

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