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I love the creepy janitor series from Bound Gods. BDSM scenes are all well and good in the Bound Gods dungeon, but for me, it's a bigger turn-on seeing BDSM play out in the real world. It's getting late and Brenn Wyson, the creepy janitor, needs to close the gym so he can clean it. Massive bodybuilder Vince Ferelli is in the middle of his workout and he refuses to budge. "Leave me alone and go clean toilets or something," Ferelli says.

Brenn has taken a lot of attitude and bullshit from the bodybuilders in the past. They think they're gods that should be worshipped. Tonight, Ferelli is going to be worshipped in a way he never thought possible. Brenn gets Ferelli when he's the most vulnerable; then he ties up the muscle man to the bench press and commences his muscle worship session.

He whacks the bodybuilder all over; he clips clothes pins to the muscle man's sensitive nipples; and he ties up Vince's hard cock. The creepy janitor makes Vince suck his cock, and then, with Vince's legs secured in the air, the janitor fucks Vince's beefy ass. And before blowing his wad all over the naked bodybuilder, Brenn takes some photos of the muscle man, just to keep him in line after this session is over. In a final act of humiliation, Brenn jerks off all over Vince's muscles.

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