sadistic janitor

The creepy janitor has a secret liar in this busy gym. Hidden in the back of a storeroom, behind a cupboard is his own secret room. It's outfitted with a bed and there's a peep hole that give him access to the men's locker room. There are also a number of photos stuck to the wall, guys that this creepy janitor has fucked on his bed before.

The gym is emptying out and muscle hunk Emanuel is the only guy left. The janitor starts mopping up the locker room and tries to make light talk with this stud. But Emanuel just shrugs him off and heads into the shower where he starts jerking his cock under the spray. Distracted, Emanuel doesn't see the janitor enter and before he knows it, the janitor jumps Emanuel and ties him up.

The janitor duct tapes the hunks mouth and cuts open a hole through which he can push his big cock. This gym stud is forced to suck the janitor's invading dick. This creep hauls Emanuel into his private room where he roughs him up some more. With his hands bound and his ass spanked red, Emanuel is thrown on the bed where he gets his ass fucked hard. The janitor even rigs a hole opening contraption on Emanuel's ass to keep his butt hole wide open so that janitor can fill it up.

In the final blow of humiliation, the janitor snaps a photo of Emanuel bound to a chair with his mouth still duct taped; he intends to add it to his collection on the wall. Check out the free video preview at Bound Gods, this scene is so real that it'll send chills up your spine. You'll be wondering the next time you're at the gym whether you're being watched ... maybe even hoping that you are.

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