Creepy Handyman's Hung Play Thing

I love the Creepy Handyman series over at Bound Gods. They're a perverted change of pace from the normal dungeon scenes over there. Trenton Ducati is the current handyman and he's found three unsuspecting guys to taunt and play with over the weeks, Jay Rising is his fourth, and I guess by the story line, his last.

Jay Rising is hunched over the work bench in the repair shop when handyman Trenton Ducati walks in. "Who the fuck are you?" Ducati barks. Rising explains that he's the new handyman, apparently there have been complaints about the old one. Ducati pounces. When Rising wakes up, he's locked in a cage and the janitor is jolting Jay's naked body with a zapper. The muscle hunk grabs Jay's head and force feeds him his thick dick.

The handyman ties Jay in rope and flogs his entire body, but seeing the huge dick Jay is swinging gets Ducati hungry for a taste before he ramps up his special brand of nasty. Jay is suspended from the ceiling with rope and Ducati swings the new guy's ass back and forth on his dick.

There's lots more to come, including hot wax and a cum shower. But the big question is whether Jay Rising runs screaming from his job, or does he start building his own reputation as the Creepy Janitor. He's got such a huge dick that I'm hoping we're going to see him rise to the occasion. (Sorry, I had to do that.)

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