Now this is a new twist on "cream with your berries.". I love it. Stunner James starts off this Men at Play gallery in a beautiful tuxedo. He's quite a handsome man and I'm sure he turns heads everywhere he goes. Italian or Spanish perhaps, he has beauitful Mediterranean colouring and full, kissable lips. James pops the cork on a bottle of champagne and doesn't bother with a glass. Before long, his big cock is popping out of his zipper. And it's a scorcher of a cock - when fully erect, it comes almost to the top edge of his cummerbun, it's thick, with a very plump, round cock head. And when James pushes it straight up in the air with his thumb, well, it just makes you want to sit down. And then he brings out a bowl of fresh strawberries and a jug of cream. As in this picture, holding his cock over the bowl of berries, he pours fresh cream all over that hot big cock of his and onto the strawberries. It's a hot, fucking shoot. But what I want to know is this: Who got to lick off the cream?

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