While I know there are a fair amount of guys out there who enjoy cumming in their jeans, there are very few sites which deal solely with this fetish, kink, whatever you'd like to refer to it as. Images, stories, links, and the ability to post a message or repsond to one on the forum, are all free. It doesn't look as though there are any personal photos from what I can see of guys who have creamed their jeans. Most pic are throw-backs from the 70's and such. Hot nevertheless though if you dig those pretty boy types with blow dried hair and huge bulges in their denim trousers. There's a chatroom where you can really get into some hot talk about cumming in your pants and such. It would be cool to get some pics and videos of guys who hang around the site with wet pants, but what's here is pretty hot I think. Perhaps the interaction in the forum and in the chatroom is hot enough to cause your own spill of semen. Who knows? Cool place. Navigates well too.

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