This dude is kinky. Wow! Gmueller is into a lot of different things it seems. He loves to have his nipples dominated and provides some pics of them getting a hurting. He also digs vacuum pumping, Lycra, and Saline. The latter should get you really hot if you admire massive bulges in tight spandex and the like. While the site is nice to look at and there are a ton of free photos to browse and jerkoff to, the navigation is a bit wonky. First of all, go to the bottom of the warning page to get in. Hit "Enter" of course. Your menu is at the top of the page with each link as some kind of red box. Once you get into a page you'll have to choose a category at the top again. So while GMueller has some great photos and some hot looking bear men engaged in all kinds of kink and pumping, getting there may be frustrating at first. Don't give up though because once you figure it out you'll get hard as iron. I did.

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