If you're into spanking like I am, you'll certainly appreciate cp4men. John is our webmaster were. He was born and raised in Greenwich England, and was schooled in one of those really strict boy's schools you here tale about in that part of the world. He tells his story in "About Me" and gives us the inside perspective of how he developed his love of spanking and the like. It's quite fascinating so check it out.

Franco's page, the featured artist's artwork, is excellent. There is a certain "darkness" that I'm sure will appeal to most people's "blacker" fantasies, if you will. From mom and dad types discipling their young (legal) ones, to cops and teachers showing hunky boys who's boss, the detail is remarkable. There are enough crimson, muscular behinds here to appease even the kinkiest of discipline conniesseurs. Also featured are "Spankable Boys". Real images of boys I'm sure most of us brutes would like to give a good licking to.

If you're seriously into it, there are some pretty cool free videoes and clips as well. cp4men is worth checking out. Show them who's boss or pretend you're the receiver if you feel you've been naughty enough. The stories are a bit dark, so be aware that only the most naughty will appreciate this. Or the irresistably curious. Be good now...or not.

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