chad brock lassoed

At the risk of being too "arty" with my pictures, I couldn't resist shooting at least one full length portrait of Chad Brock looking like this. And it really is a "portrait", with just enough elements to cross over to "art". The cowboy hat and boots somehow give completeness to his look. Ironically, they're MY boots and hat, and for some reason, they just don't look as authentic on me as they do on him. It's amazing how that happens.

Nick Moretti suggested the rope bondage for extra added effect, and that totally worked, too. As we started fooling around with ideas, I remembered I had a holster, but with no pistol it might look stupid, so someone suggested using a dildo as a stand-in for the gun, as you can see in the second picture.

You can see more of Chad Brock in a couple different scenes at Lavender Lounge.

naked cowboy chad brock

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