Cover Men Mag

Cover Men Mag is all about exclusive interviews with top models, and if you ask me it comes in two sections. First of all you find the interviews, and these are set out on the main pages: there are images of the model and his name and a few notes, but you need to click the main pic to get in to the next stage of the process: another page with a menu of items including a gallery and photos. Click again and then you find the actual interview in a new window. It's a bit of a process to get to them but the pages are neatly arranged, easy to use and there are lots of images of the (male) models at work.

The second aspect of the site is the blog which again opens in a new window and gives you a more immediate, less details look at the male model world. The whole thing is based around being exclusive; it doesn't just re-churn up other interviews and articles from other sites or magazines. The site holds a long list of models' names so you can have a quick check and see who is here, or you can simply browse the fashion models and their pics, some of which are very sexy, and discover more about the world of male fashion modeling.

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