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Every time I visit Fratmen, I'm reminded at how much I love this photographer's work. It's nice when a producer really takes care to showcase a guy in the most sensual and hottest way. We're bombarded with so many videos of lifeless guys just sitting on a couch jacking off and watching porn. So Fratmen's erotic exploration of its guys is a breath of fresh air.

Chaz is a country boy. He's cute and he has a big dick. And after he rolls up in his four by four, we're taken on a sensual journey as this young man plays with his cock. He's lying back on the bed with his jeans slipped down around his knees and he's fisting his big cock. Then he moves to the mirror, where the photographer films from behind, so while we're watching Chaz jerking his cock in the mirror's reflection, we get a good look at his perfectly round and plump ass.

And then there's the thing I love the most about Fratmen videos: Chaz heads to the bed and fucks the mattress. God, I love watching this guy's hot, firm ass rising and falling as he pumps the bed. It gets me so revved up. It doesn't get much hotter than this! After a warm bath, Chaz heads back to the bedroom to pump out his load. God, I need a nap.

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