Twink pornstar Brent Corrigan's rock hard cock

America's favorite gay porn twink superstar, Brent Corrigan, could very well be quitting porn very soon for more mainstream success. Yes, you can dry those cum-stained eyes 'cos there is nothing official. Brent did tell The Advocate the following in an interview:

"I think my time in the adult industry has come to an end..but I am not making any official announcement. I consider this time to be very transitional for me, and there's no clear way to go about making such a starkly contrasted change."

Well, one thing I will say about Brent, he sure is a smarty pants! I mean "starkly contrasted change"? looks like someone graduated with honors! Then again, it could just mean that I'm a dumbass having barely finished high school. I am not used to such sophisticated wording!

Brent also said that he eventually wanted to start using his real name, Sean Paul Lockheart, in all of his up and coming productions but is well aware that some producers will want to use "A.K.A Brent Corrigan" to capitalize on his adult following. When asked if he would never do another porn flick again Sean Paul said that he doesn't like to say "never" and he would not use that word for now.

So, where do we go from here? Well, Sean Paul said that he has 3 big projects, and one of them is not even a gay film. From the looks of it he is going for complete global domination and of course we couldn't be happier for this spunky hunk!

(Source: The Sword)

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