While there are more and more amateur sites and sites created by a single photographer, there are still a number of what I consider corporate gay porn sites around. I'm not talking about sites like Corbin Fisher. Corbin Fisher is probably one of the larger and more professional gay sites around, but it is a labor of love, the creation of one mind, and a lot of trouble is taken to give it a personal feeling.


Take a site like Boys First Time. The company that owns this site owns tons of straight sites including the famous MILF Hunter and for years, the member area of Boys First Time actually referred to the models as girls and sold only straight upsells because the site used the template for the straight sites. That's how little the company was concerned with an individual site. The content is exclusive and shot for the site, and although the pics and videos are not excellent, they're not bad - which is usually the case with corporate sites.

Something else you'll notice with a lot of corporate porn sites is that their site tours are slick and formula and look great but when you join those sites, you won't find the inside to be as exciting as the outside. In the industry, these are called cookie cutter sites. Often a large company will have many sites with the exact same tour and member area layout. To be fair, what really counts is the content but I haven't seen many cookie cutter sites with really great content, although it could happen.


Sometimes a site like Gay Blind Date Sex has a lot to offer in terms of original content, even though it is owned by a huge company, The content is shot for the site by a company that shoots content for lots of sites, and if you won't find the level of care in the videos you would find in a site like Berlin Male, the videos are interesting and the sex is hot even though the movies and pics are average quality.


One thing you won't find inside Gay Blind Date Sex or any corporate site is something to give it a feeling of having its own personality. You won't see blogs or video descriptions from the producers or photographers, as usually they are hired to create the content and have nothing to do with the site. In fact, the producers generally produce content for many many sites, which is why the videos never have that tightly focused and intimate feeling you will find in many one or two owner sites.

Nevertheless some corporate porn sites like Gay Blind Date Sex or Boys First Time do offer regularly updating exclusive gay content and plenty of hardcore sex. The best way to find out whether a site will be as exciting as the tour is probably to read the reviews on a couple review sites or stick with more personal or amateur sites.

Happy porn surfing!

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