You either love redheads or you don't. White pinkish skin, freckles, and a firey burning bush at the base of the totem pole. Hank here is a corn-fed farm boy who's attending college. He's got messy red hair, brown eyes, and a bright smile. His body's lean and sculpted. I love his six pack of abs. Hanks' got an 8" cock and he's the latest update over at Fratmen. His video clip features a long, hot shower scene with the red-headed college boy jacking that big dick of his. His cock really is hot, standing erect at a 45 degree angle to his six pack. Next, Hank fills the bath tub and lies back in the hot water and jacks off some more. Finally, Hank is relaxing on a beautiful bed and jacking his cock some more. He gets up on his knees and flexes his cock in the air. He looks down and watches his own cock dance in the air. And man can this college boy shoot - straight up in the air. Watch it arc through the air and splattered his six pack. Whew!

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