Corey and Aaron are buddies - not boyfriends - who decided to do a video for You Love Jack. Now, if there's one thing Corey loves to do, it's suck cock, and Aaron's big uncut rod is one of his favorites. And of course, Aaron doesn't mind getting sucked - who would? Especially when his rod is being licked an sucked by someone so enthusiastic. And Corey does know his way around a cock. After all, he has plenty of experience and loves the feel, the taste and everything about giving a blowjob. If there was an Olympic cock-sucking team, he's be on it.

As soon as the camera started rolling, Corey reached for Aaron - or rather, he reached for Aaron's dick. Corey really is insatiable when it comes to sucking on dicks!


Once the guys were naked, Corey really went to work on Aaron's hard fuck-stick. He moves his mouth down until that rigid pole is touching his throat, then keeps right on going with it.


And finally after putting all his attention on Aaron's cock, Corey gets his just desserts. Aaron can't hold on any longer and shoots his load, painting his buddy's face with thick, warm cum.


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