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Cooper is a 21 year old, blond guy who made his first appearance on Corbin Fisher back at the beginning of December when he got his first blowjob from a guy. A couple of weeks later, he fucked Harper's ass and creamed his face, and this was the first time he fucked a guy's ass.

But as always happens with the freshmen at Corbin Fisher, they can only get head and fuck ass for so long, eventually they have to bend over and take a bone themselves. Corbin Fisher alumni Dawson is given the honor of deflowering Cooper's virgin ass.

Dawson relaxes the straight stud by sucking his toes, then gives him some head. Cooper crawls on top of Dawson so they can 69 and Cooper sucks enthusiastically. Dawson rims Cooper's butt hole and gets his virgin buddy hungering for a dick up his ass.

Dawson takes it easy with Cooper and slides his stiff cock into him slowly and fucks him easily. Dawson never really jack hammers Cooper's ass, but fucks him tenderly. This seems to do the trick and Cooper eventually unloads his balls with Dawson's dick up his ass. And after Cooper shoots his cum load, Dawson pulls out and sprays all over the blond boy's chest and stomach.

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