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Corbin Fisher has been waiting for a while to pair up Aiden and Zeb. And I can see why. First of all, I think that Aiden is one of the hottest guys Corbin Fisher has ever featured - incredibly handsome, 24 years old, and a solid 200 pounds of muscle, not to mention his hot 8-inch cock. And there's something pretty hot about seeing a much bigger and smaller guy together. Aiden outweighs Zeb by 50 pounds!

But when Corbin Fisher finally got this pair together, he discovered they had eagerly been awaiting a scene where they could crawl into the sack together. And before the cameras were even rolling, they were kissing and ripping each others' pants off. CF had to rein the boys in until he was set up and ready to film.

Aiden gets right to business pushing Zeb over the edge of the bed and driving his big dick into the boy's ass. They haven't even gotten their shirts off yet! The Aiden invites Zeb to ride his fuck pole, so he lies back while Zeb straddles this muscle hunk and impales himself on Aiden's big cock. Then Zeb ends up on his back with Aiden drilling him hard and he blasts all over his stomach. Aiden joins him and shoots all over Zeb's chest. Man, this guy can shoot!

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