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Roman is a competition bodybuilder and he's one of the latest guys featured on Corbin Fisher. This 25-year-old stands 5'10" and weighs a very solid 180 pounds. His body is ripped and muscular, but lean; and he's got a little fur happening on his chest and belly. Roman was a small guy in high school and he wanted to have a bigger body, so he took up bodybuilding

Roman is not at all nervous in front of the camera and that's probably because he's used to posing and flexing in front of an audience. After rubbing his muscular chest, Roman hauls out his 7.5-inch cock and starts getting it hard.

Roman sits back in the chair and jerks his cock faster, moaning loudly. And when he's ready, he shoots a thick load of man juice up onto his ripped abs. I'm hoping that Corbin Fisher will convince this muscle jock to do some guy-on-guy action, but for now, you'll enjoy watching him pleasuring himself.

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