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Newcomer Quinn got his ass fucked by Corbin Fisher's Dawson a couple of weeks back, and that scene generated a lot of interest. Philip has been making hot suck and fuck videos for quite a while now and he really likes Quinn. So why deny chemistry?

The guys start off kissing passionately, but in no time at all Philip takes charge, telling Quinn to lie down. Philip nibbles on Quinn's perking nipples, then dives in to see what Quinn is packing in his shorts. Then Philip blows Quinn and gets his dick really hard. Philip's own cock is pretty stiff and falls out of his shorts, so Quinn sees that as an invitation to start sucking. I love watching guys blowing each other in a 69 cocksucking session. And these two studs are definitely having a good time swapping blowjobs.

But that's not all they swap. Before getting into some ass pounding action, these two horny studs take turns rimming one another. Then Quinn mounts Philip and sits on the stud's hard dick. "Your ass is so tight!" Philip moans. Quinn rides Philip's dick hard and this gets Philip pretty revved up. He wants to take control and tells Quinn to get on his knees. The guys finally end up in a missionary position and Philip pounds Quinn's hole. Sensing that Quinn is close to the edge, Philip pulls out his cock and strokes both his and Quinn's cocks in his fist. It's not simultaneous orgasm, but it was pretty close. With Philip's fist pumping, these two studs cream two big loads that spray all over Quinn.

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