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I knew when I blogged about Dante that he'd be a big hit on Corbin Fisher. As I said back then, it had been a long time since Corbin Fisher had featured a black guy on their site. And Dante was a hot and good-looking stud to break into new territory. The response from the members was incredible with e-mails overflowing the site's mail servers. Members overwhelming wanted to see more of this beautiful stud; not only did they want to see Dante in action, but they wanted to see him paired up with Dawson. And I have to say that the result is probably one of the hottest videos and photo galleries that Corbin Fisher has ever produced. I love watching black and white guys playing together because the contrasts of their skin colours really lets us see details so much more clearly. There's no mistaking Dante's big, black dick sliding into Dawson's tight, pink hole, or watching Dawson's pink cock disappearing inside Dante's dark lips and mouth. It's just so fucking hot. You're going to love this one for sure! And I hope we're going to see a lot more of Dante in the weeks ahead. I'm already getting revved up wondering which one of the Corbin Fisher alumni are going to fuck this stud's bubble butt.

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