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Corbin Fisher works with a lot of straight guys and he says that convincing these guys to take a dick up their ass is a time-consuming process that often ends with a lot of guys just disappearing. Even having other straight guys who have been fucked saying that the sensation is amazing doesn't often help. So finding a straight guy who is willing to take two dicks up his ass is an awesome thing.

And this week Scott is doing just that. This 21-year-old started filming with Corbin Fisher in August of last year, and he's done 10 suck and fuck videos for the site; this threeway, double-penetration scene is his twelfth. (Why does "twelfth" have an "F" in it when you don't even pronounce it? English is weird sometimes.)

Scott wasn't sure he could take two dicks up his ass, but pairing him up with Connor and Sean, two of Corbin Fisher's alumni, seemed to put him at ease. The guys warm up Scott and spit roast him. And once Scott figures he's ready Sean lies down on the bed and Scott climbs on top in a reverse cowgirl I guess it's called. Once he's got Sean's dick inside him, Scott lies back on top of Scott and Connor slides in, holds up Scott's legs, and slides his cock into Scott's already-filled hole! "Yeah, stretch that asshole," Scott says.

And it seems that he likes this double penetration thing a lot because Scott turns around and sits on Sean's cock again and Connor puts his dick back in. Scott wants to end the scene with his double pen buddies cumming on him, so they do. You've gotta love guys who are willing to explore new hot stuff.

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