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It seems that Corbin Fisher is entering the world of bareback sex. A few weeks ago they released their second raw fucking video ... well, it's the second that I've seen. There may be others, but Corbin Fisher hasn't really made any announcements about it, so I'm not completely sure what's going on. I don't know if this is going to be a regular feature, whether they're testing the waters or what.

Aiden is a straight bodybuilder with a big cock and he's been doing a lot of filming with Corbin Fisher over the past couple of years. While he is straight, he does love getting his ass fucked; he does a lot of fucking, too. Aiden is also well known around Corbin Fisher as the multi-orgasmic guy because he regularly fires off more than one cum load in a suck and fuck session. And in fact, be breaks all his records in this bareback scene with Tom. While getting his ass pumped raw by hot blond guy Tom, Aiden ends up unloading four times - his record is three cum shots. When Aiden and Tom are done fucking, the bed is a wet sticky mess and Aiden spewed his cum everywhere.

Tom was a cummy mess, too, as Aiden shot a couple of his loads all over this stud's ripped body. So after an intense bareback fucking session, these two hot guys head off to the showers together where they talk about Aiden's multi-orgasmic skills. Stay tuned to this blog, I'll keep you posted about any other bareback scenes I find on Corbin Fisher.

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